10 фитнес-звезд Инстаграма, которые вас удивят

Привыкли к загорелым спортивным красоткам в своей ленте? Эти блогеры владеют умами тысяч и тысяч подписчиков, занимаются фитнесом, но не похожи на вышеописанный стандарт!


Валери – большая девушка, которая занимается йогой. Избыточный вес ей в этом совершенно не мешает! Вы сомневались, что полные люди могут показывать настоящие чудеса? Убедитесь сами!

I really don't understand why anyone gives a shit about my weight. " Why haven't you lost weight?" Answer, because you haven't taken the time to understand anything about what yoga is in general, me, my life, and what goes on a daily basis. Nor do I want to tell you anything about my personal life. Surprise surprise, it isnt all glitter and sparkles coming out my ass! Its dealing with trying to make a career out of something hard to do, while trying to connect to people want to help. I cant just speed things up, it all takes time! Becoming a teacher i've had to sacrifice some yoga time for myself because i want more for everyone, and im fine with it! My yoga practice isnt about anyone else, when i decide that i want to confide in my practice, no one will know about it. It's mine and personal to me. Just like my weight, it's mine not yours. So long story short, don't ask about it. Top from @target ? Leggings by @bombsheller ? Mat by @liforme ?

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Мэри Хелен Бауэрс - популяризатор балета. Смотреть на ее фото можно бесконечно!

#enpointe ✨? #BalletBeautiful #dance #dream #BalletBeautifulStyle ✨

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#arabesque ? #BalletBeautiful #dance #dream ✨

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Plié ? #BalletBeautiful #dance #BalletBeautifulFit ?✨

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Джоанна родила двух дочерей и после этого похудела на 40 кг. На теле ее видны шрамы и растяжки. Ее инстаграм очень вдохновляет и учит принимать и любить свое тело.

Progress doesn't happen overnight and the biggest changes in life are often a result of the darkest moments in life. - The photo on to left is from Feb 2013, the moment where I told myself I've had enough. Physically, I didn't have any health issues except that I was overweight for my height (135lbs at 5'2") and my body fat percentage was high, 34%. At that time I made all the excuses not to focus on my health or work out: kids, a full time job, a wedding photography business, social life, and wife duties. I was so unhappy with the person in the mirror and the only person who can make those changes was me. - We all have our reasons to go on to make major changes in our lives and for me I no longer wanted to feel like the woman on the left. Many people ask me, “how do you stay motivated?” To be honest, I think about my daughters and husband before every single workout. I remind myself of the woman I was, the woman who was insecure and was so depressed with life and her own past choices who couldn’t even find moments of happiness while playing with her kids in the living room. I think about those times where I would be at home with my kids concerned over my muffin top instead of putting my energy into being in the moment with them. Being healthy and fit isn’t just about being in shape physical, its about living in the moment whole heartedly. - On the right is me this morning post run #istillhaterunning and along with being healthier, stronger, and in shape I am also happier in the skin I am in. I've lost 30lbs and have gained my self confidence and self worth. My fitness journey wasn't just about getting healthier it was about feeling healthier and happier and that is an accomplishment you can't measure with a scale or in form of inches lost. What I gained over the past couple of years was knowledge in knowing it's possible to be this version of you that seemed impossible to attain. - If you have a small belief that you can be this ideal person, chase that dream until you get there whatever it may be and remember that success shouldn't be measured by numbers, it should be measured by how you feel about yourself. #transformationtuesday #betterforit

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Oh Monday...I know you're calling me, but I don't want to answer. Can I just get one more day to lay in bed and think about all the reasons why I'm grateful for the choice I made 3 years ago to take control of my health and life ??? Had anyone told me that my world would be filled with so many whole heartedly moments, friendships to last a lifetime, and experiences that will change my life forever I would've probably laughed in their face. . Fitness will always be more than just to perfect body. It's about health, it's about getting your life together, it's about redefining everything you've ever known to be true about yourself. Fitness is about building a foundation for healthy living: mind, body, and soul. Fitness is about empowering and encouraging those around you to see the greatness within them. Fitness is about telling yourself I have what it takes to be #betterforit especially in those moments when self doubt is speaking louder than it should. #feelingsoblessed - pc? to one of the many empowering women in my world: @tonhyakae #lafemmeforte // make up by @gaylinyet

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Джессамин Стэнли – еще одна достаточно полная девушка, добившаяся успеха в йоге. Она убеждает нас, что лишний вес – не индульгенция на лежание перед телевизором!

Today I saw @jillscott and @sherrieshepherd in person. As if that wasn't enough, I sat within spitting distance of @daniebb3 and @theashleygraham. Because the universe is gracious, @msamberpriley was in the mix, NBD. Plus, @csiriano x @lanebryant was the tits, obvi- and not just bc @nicolettemason and @gabifresh were slaying at every possible moment. I saw so many curvy blogger baes that I only ever get to see once in a blue moon, & it all happened bc @susanmosesnyc is a fucking #girlboss goddess who knows how to manifest power, beauty, and strength. As usual, you can watch snippets from my day & especially today's Women Empowerment Summit at the @unitednations on my snapchat! Also, thanks to a really fucking exciting last minute project, my New York trip just grew by a couple of days. Mad love to Lauren Joyner and David Rowan who are covering my classes at @durhamyoga for the next two weeks- i'll be back on 5/24, y'all! From New York, I'm flying down to Miami for a week of creating and vibing at @roamcoliving. I am very excited for a week of bathing suits, sunshine....andddd my laptop because y'all know the hustle life doesn't stop in these streets. ☀️☀️???? Basically, #jessjetset: Spring Edition is in full swing over here- follow me on snapchat (@mynameisjessamy) to see everything go down in real time! Throwback to practicing #headstand #splits in my little London flat. Leggings- @k.deer

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The fact that #hanumanasana/#monkeypose is such a regular part of my asana practice speaks volumes to the power of consistent vulnerability. Literally the only way I can ever practice this pose is if I allow my soul to be vulnerable to the universe. Throwback to practicing #splits & listening to @kendricklamar w/ the @shape_magazine team. I had a great time shooting w/ them & babygirl @kyliegilbert she wrote an awesome recap of our time together- you can check it out on the @shapemagazine website. Also, everyone has had so much to say about my armpit hair recently. I literally never notice it and I'm so glad that y'all do. It's like #alixolson says- "Armpit hair is simply mammally factual." ?? Leggings- @k.deer Top- @vonscher_active

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Y’all know how shit has been blowing up in the #jivamukti yoga community, right? If you’re nerding out about the latest yoga controversy or if you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, check out my ramblings on snapchat- I’m @mynameisjessamy over there. Anyway, one day while I was in Colorado, I jotted down some thoughts post-meditation and then promptly forgot about them. I found the note today, and it almost made me spit out my water for two reasons- A. It’s exactly how I feel about my personal and teaching practices and B. I don’t know a yoga practitioner or teacher besides myself who is ridiculous enough to actually say this shit out loud. But that doesn’t mean I’m the only one feeling it. It seemed particularly ironic and timely, so I thought I’d share it with you guys? "There's a certain DIY aesthetic to my practice that's really atypical to that of most western yoga practitioners. I'm always kinda coming from a place of like "well, what's wrong with just making your practice completely unique to your own life?" And other people are like "RAH BECAUSE MY GURUJI TOLD ME SO AND HE'S BASICALLY GOD AND I'M BASICALLY INDIAN BECAUSE I KNOW THE WORD GURU SO STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING BECAUSE IT'S WRONG YOU FUCKING YOGA PHILISTINE." And so I'm like ".....word?”" I’m teaching the noon flow at @durhamyoga tomorrow- it’s been too long since I’ve been around you guys, and I’m so excited to see you tomorrow. I have been soaking up all of the positive Carolina energy I can- I came back from Denver nursing a pretty nasty respiratory thing, and I genuinely believe the sunshine of my home state has helped nurse me back to health. BTW, HERE ARE THE WINNERS OF MY GIVEAWAY: YOU WON A @YOGAWILLSAVETHEWORLD COLORING BOOK: @metalsporks, @jayyocu, @martijaxn(twitter winner!), & @jrobinsonphr (twitter winner!) YOU WON A @LULULEMON HEADBAND: @thattallfriend (TWITTER WINNER!) YOU WON A @108YOGALOVE ASANA DECK: @_HelloMyLove (twitter winner!) YOU WON A @LULULEMON YOGA MAT: @Chrissycoe Congrats, y’all! Hit me up at mynameisjessamyn@gmail.com with your shipping info to receive your prize! Throwback to when #ekapadarajakapotasana was both master and monster of my life.

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Кристал попала в автокатастрофу и у нее ампутирована рука. И теперь тебе станет стыдно: она занимается в зале! Это достойно восхищения.

Finally got to break in the equipment on my own this afternoon. Keeping everything low volume till I'm up and going 100% again.

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Про Кайлу мы уже писали. Ее инстаграм, полный фото ее клиентов, заряжает мотивацией!

Focus. You can do this ?? www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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Аманда Биск раньше профессионально занималась легкой атлетикой, прыгала с шестом в высоту. Но из-за синдрома хронической усталости она ушла из спорта, а сегодня учит нас заниматься фитнесом и йогой.

You are nurtured over a lifetime. Not built overnight. #liveforyourjourney @hm #hmsport ab❤️x

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Алекса Браун – мама, но это не мешает ей заниматься спортом. Это мотивирует!

Baby number 2! ? tag a preggo mommy to join me on this journey! Will start posting exercises soon! @alexajeanbrown

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Who else can relate? ? #mothersday #momlife @alexajeanbrown

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У Николь спорт – вместо вечеринок. Она создала собственную фитнес-программу NW, куда включила танцы, акупунктуру и силовые. Кстати, она тренирует саму Мадонну!

A free spirit ✨ does a body good ✨❤️

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Try to listen faster than you speak. ? Unicorn Wisdom ☁️?? ?: @propelwater ?: @kouryangelo #NicoleWinhoffer #nwmethod

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see you tomorrow 9a NY ????

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Натали доказывает: занимайся спортом, и неважно, какое у тебя телосложение!